The Arete Apparel division is focused on creating long term relationships with sport leaders. Our wholistic approach to sport management begins with offering the best quality clothing and decoration for their staff and athletes.


Arete Sport is an official dealer of UNRL co. Our apparel division is focused on working with sport leaders who want to provide the best quality apparel for their teams, associations, and club programs.


Our staff offers bulk orders, spirit stores (1-2 week open dates), and private collections on our shopify store for our partner programs. If you are interested in our apparel offerings, please email us at

Team UNRL Texas

Formed in fall of 2020 UNRL Texas is quickly becoming one of the most competitive programs in Texas. UNRL Texas is comprised of 4 teams. Coach Justin Becker heads the program.

Team Medusa

A national girls lacrosse program for elite players looking to compete at the next level complementary of your home club team


Team UNRL is the national team for small markets and non-traditional players. UNRL is an athletic clothing brand based in St. Paul, Minnesota, focused on creating quality sports apparel by combining premium materials expert workmanship and design.

Frog Lacrosse

Frog Lacrosse is a training company located in Eagan, Minnesota. It is a lacrosse program geared towards helping young athletes succeed on and off the field.

Texas Blue Dogs

Texas Blue Dogs is a lacrosse club based in Austin, TX. The name and mascot are based on the Blue Lacy, a breed of working dogs originating from Texas.

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