Lacrosse Network Membership

The Arete Network is for lacrosse families that take part in our verified and/or affiliate programs. Our membership focuses on recruiting guidance, development, community, and anything that helps serve the Arete community. Please see our affiliate and verified offerings to gain access to the membership.

Arete Lacrosse League

The Arete Lacrosse League is a unique fall league that focuses on bringing the best players together for games each week. Players will go through a combine before the league begins so the teams can be split as evenly as possible. Our staff highlights the top performers and hires professional videographers to film each game.

Arete I.D. Camp

The Arete I.D. Camp is designed to help provide more structure and insight in the recruiting process. Our staff has poured years into this model and we are excited to officially kick it off in 2021!

Why you should attend an Arete I.D. Camp

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