Mill City Shootout
October 3-4, 2020
Maple Plain, MN

The Arete Sport company is excited to officially launch it's first lacrosse tournament in the state of Minnesota. The Arete Sport company has established itself in the club operation world, and is excited for our first official team event! We have partnered with best event operators in the country and are excited to provide a unique experience in Minnesota.

What sets us apart?

Our staff is focused on minor details that drive coaches crazy. Are the officials on the same page? Are there end-line balls? Are the table people informed of the rules and penalty times? Is the format and rules clearly visible for coaches and parents? These are little things that go along way throughout the tournament experience.

The Staff

Our staff is currently made up of club directors, tournament operators, and local high school coaches that have been coaching and operating events, across the country, for over a decade. Our staff understands what matters to coaches and organizers, while bringing a white glove service to our events.

Tournament Highlights

Game Film

Our elite and rising star divisions will provide film for all teams! At $1,500 a pop, this is the best value in the country. We understand the importance of film for players entering the recruiting process and we want to make sure this is built into our pricing structure.

Block Scheduling

We all know that feeling as you learn the schedule has been released. Three back to back games? three hour break in-between games? It's tough, and sometimes unavoidable, but our staff will be using block scheduling for morning and afternoon games. with this, teams will be in and out during the morning or the afternoon session. Sleep in or be done before 1:00 p.m.

Arete Network

Just like our Arete Club League, participants will be invited to join our Arete Network. Our network of club directors and coaches, from across the country, are on a mission to create: more transparency, support, education in the recruiting process, and overall player development. Our network helps families stay informed and up to date with the latest trends and information. Join club directors from around the country, who are there to help answer questions and provide advice for your family!

Need help connecting with college coaches?

One of the main missions of Arete Sport is to help relieve the bottle neck of recruiting. If your team is in attendance, our staff is more than happy to get your film and information in-front of the right college coaches. Our staff currently has directors from Texas, New Jersey, Minnesota, Colorado, and Indiana. We are here to support players and their ambitions.